Award-winning compression garments designed to align with the body's natural biomechanics for more effective treatment and comfort.


The Spiral Skins Story

About Spiral Skin garments

Lightweight cool and breathable these body hugging compression garments are ideal biofeedback aides.

The Spiral Skins range of flexible orthotic bracing garments allow stabilisation and correct positioning of limb segments while allowing for normal flow and sequencing of movement.

 Spiral Skins is a Lycra compression garment with as series of overlaid elasticised straps in Lycra sleeves. The Lycra compression provides stability to the limb or body segment while the elasticised straps provide resistance in directional lines of pull to control direction of movement. The combination of compressive lycra and directional resistance provides biofeedback to the joints and muscles to work in a particular way that facilitates development of new motor memories. Essentially teaching the body to remember new patterns of movement.

Spiral Skins product range include the Spiral Thigh Brace, Spiral Power Suit, Trunk Stability Suit, Spiral Power Shorts and Spiral Skins Posture Straps.

The Spiral Thigh Brace is designed to limit excessive internal rotation at the hip and thigh during gait. It is complement to management of pigeon toe gait, knock knee and in-turned gait when surgical intervention is not indicated. It is used to aid correction of awkward running styles and improve biomechanical efficiency of walking and running.

The Spiral Power Shorts are designed to stabilise the hips and pelvis while limiting excessive internal rotation at the hip and knee. ideal to conceal under work clothes or work out clothes.

The Spiral Power Suit is a upper and lower body suit for children with more comprehensive therapy needs including trunk weakness and gait abnormality. Used for children with mild cerebral palsy, ataxic gaits, hypotonia with in-turned legs or scissoring gait.

The Trunk Stability Suit is a short upper and lower body suit ideal for children with trunk and pelvic weakness who require sustained proprioceptive input and postural control.

The Spiral Skins Posture Straps is a lightweight elasticated device to provide postural and shoulder support.


Spiral Skins range was designed and created by Natalie Bennett-Bremner.

Natalie has been practicing as a physiotherapist for over 20 years after graduating from Curtin University in Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) and a post graduate qualification in Sports Physiotherapy.

Natalie worked for 10 years in private practice treating a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in elite athletes through to the backyard sportsman. Natalie became interested in working with children and adolescents after seeing many kids in the clinic who were struggling with sporting activity and socialisation due to coordination problems, an inability to run properly and/or gait problems. Natalie set up Kidz Cinic Physiotherapy in 2008, focusing on musculoskeletal conditions affecting children including hypermobilty disorders, delayed motor milestones, movement disorders. connective tissue disorders, coordination problems and sporting injuries and poor walking and running styles.

Natalie is Mum to 2 gorgeous girls and enjoys swimming, the beach and walking her kelpie puppy. She adores children and loves having the opportunity to work with so many lovely children every day.

How did it all begin

A lovely young hypermobile girl came into the clinic one day. She had been suffering years of knee pain resulting from a previous injury that had caused her to walk with an in-turned leg. Despite strengthening her leg, her gait pattern remained unchanged.

She responded well to taping but was unable to tolerate taping long term due to skin allergies. Rigid bracing of knee provided stability but inhibited the normal flow and sequencing of movement and thus was counterproductive to gait retraining.

Natalie tacked some elasticised straps in directional lines of pull onto a compressive garment to control the excessive internal rotation at the hip and knee. The child’s leg position in walking was much improved and most importantly her pain was resolved.

The idea flourished from there and after lots of tweaks and improvements, and trialling on many children, the Spiral Thigh Brace evolved.


In 2011 the Spiral Thigh Brace won the ABC TV New Inventors Award for Medical Innovation.

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